Mur returns from a long hiatus to release "Fire Escapes" their first new album in years. Originally formed in Dallas in 2002 Mur's self-titled debut garnered raves from the Dallas Morning News.
"This debut from Dallas quartet Mur is Awesome…as in jaw droppingly good. Max Hartman's voice has an unshakable authority, it's impossible to turn away."

Inspired by the sophistication and dramatics of Pink Floyd and Elbow, the genre fluidity of David Bowie,
and the anthemic and emotional delivery of Jeff Buckley, Mur attempts to create bittersweet symphonies designed to uplift and encourage.

"They deliver song after rich song in epic doses…plush, accomplished, polished…their sound is absolute audio absinthe…take one sip and you'll be back to finish the bottle."
Milk Magazine

Max Hartman


Ian Ferguson



John Solis


Paul Williams


Chad Murray